We Are All In This Together

This pandemic in which we are all immersed has raised in me the question of what it is that I have to offer others in these times of separation and isolation.  I have come to realize that I want to create images that are uplifting and encouraging to as many people as possible.  We are in a time where we are seeing so intimately the strong and yet fragile connections that exist between all peoples.  We are also seeing a planet that is showing signs of being restored by the cessation of all the ways in which we humans have been harming the land and sky and waters.  I offer you this growing body of work that I call “We Are All In This Together.”  I hope that you find these images to be uplifting and encouraging as expressions of our connection to each other and to the planet.  I welcome your feedback, for I have also come to realize how important it is for me to know that I am connecting in ways that bring you an even greater measure of hope and joy in the beauty of the human spirit.  To give feedback or to request a print of any of these photographs, I can be reached at frank@frankleonard.com – May we all be well.  May we all come to know even more our interconnection and need for each other.  Love, Frank.