Upcoming Show, Portraits, Eclipse of the Moon, 12 Year Project, and More! – Frank Leonard Photography – April 2014 Newsletter

Hi again, friends and supporters! I’ve got an exciting show coming up next month here at my Gallery, which will feature the photography of three landscape artists. My good friends Kevin Osborn and Ed Dickie will be joining me in a show we call “Landscape Visions.”   In this April 2014 Newsletter you will find the dates for that show, to reserve on your calendar, and a few more fun items as well.  It is my intention that you will enjoy all of the creative efforts you find here.   Love, Frank.


1) “Landscape Visions” – A Three Photographer Show – May 16th and 17th, 2014 – Ben Lomond Art Gallery

2) Portraits

3) Moon Eclipse

4) The 12 Year Project

5) Photo Of The Day


1) “LANDSCAPE VISIONS” – The Photography of Ed Dickie, Kevin Osborn, and Frank Leonard.   Please put Friday, May 16th, 6-9pm, and Saturday, May 17th, 1-5pm on your calendars.  Come on out to Frank’s Ben Lomond Art Gallery, to view the vision that each of three photographers bring to their landscape images.



Here are links to the websites of each photographer in this show:

Ed Dickie Link: http://eddickie.com
Kevin Osborn Link: www.Outside-InPhotography.com
Frank Leonard Link: https://frankleonard.com/

Also, CLICK HERE to view the Frank Leonard Photography Page dedicated to this show. Looking forward to seeing you in May!


Each month I want to highlight one of the photo services I offer through Frank Leonard Photography. This month I am highlighting my portrait photography, both indoor studio work, as well as more casual outdoor work. Here are the latest samples of my work.   Whether it is indoor studio portraiture, or more casual outdoor portraiture, please consider hiring me for your portrait needs. Give me a call at 831-345-5496 to discuss your portrait wishes. You can see more samples of my portrait photography and very reasonable pricing at www.frankleonardphotography.com/portraits/




Here, as a special treat, are two images I took during the Eclipse of the Moon last night. Hope you enjoy!




I have thrived on projects my whole life that give me the opportunity to build and create. And now it feels like I have embarked on the granddaddy of them all, something I have named “The 12 Year Project.”

I have loved to write for most of my life and have boxes of writings stored away. “Expansion,” my first and only book, was published in 2004. It represents but one window of time in a lifetime of putting words and thoughts and poetry to paper. In addition, there are tens of thousands of my photographic images stored on film, transparencies, and digital files.

At 67 years of age, I have come to realize that if those stored writings and images are ever going to be searched through and pulled together into that which truly represents the best of my creative expressions, then that process needs to begin now. By the time I complete this 12 year project, I will be just short of my 80th birthday, in time to hopefully enjoy the sharing of these portfolios and memoirs while I am still alive,

No one else can accomplish this task for me. Even if others were willing, they would not see what I have created as I see and interpret the world. I am going to have to be the one to meticulously sift through the boxes and drawers, and get my words and images into the most beautiful and powerful form of which I am capable. It doesn’t mean I will quit creating new work. This project will simply be one small, steady, regular piece of each day, for the next 12 years! :o)

The first step of the project has been to build a dedicated copy camera, complete with back lighting for negatives and slides, and front lighting for photographs and documents. I am excited about pulling together a lifetime portfolio of my words and images. I am sure that I will also find ways to be sharing pieces of it with you along the way.



Just a reminder again this month to visit www.frankleonardphotography.com/photo-of-the-day/  – I add a new image to this page several times each week. When visiting, be sure to bookmark the page, so you can keep coming back to see my latest edited images.


That’s it for this month, good people. I’ll be back again in early May, before our big show on the 16th/17th!




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