Upcoming Events – Newsletter – April 2013

April 2013 Newsletter

Calendar of Events – Newsletter – Frank Leonard Photography – Santa Cruz County Art GalleryApril, 2013Hi everyone!

It is always a privilege to be able to communicate with you!  I am excited about what I have to share with you this month!  So, here we go!   Click on the links below:

1)  April 12th, 2013 – Guest Artist: Sarah Jane (top of page) – Second Friday at Santa Cruz County Art Gallery – This is going to be an awesome show, complete with the paintings of guest artist Sarah Jane, classical guitar music by Salvador Magallon, conversation, wine, and snacks!  – “A Great Way to Spend a Friday Night.” –  Hope to see you here!

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2)  Sample Boudoir Photoshoot – I have recently picked up a number of boudoir photo shoots for clients and realize how much I enjoy this work, and how nice it is to have income flowing in rather than out.  So, for anyone who might be interested in this service of Frank Leonard Photography, contact Frank at frank@frankleonardphotography.com or 831-345-5496.

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3)  Santa Cruz Sentinel article – Recently, I was featured in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, in their weekly edition of “The Guide.”  The article on me and my photography is beneath the piece on artist Thomas Campbell.  Below the picture of Thomas is a link to the second image on the page, of yours truly . . :o )

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4)  Recently, I was also a part of the Tannery Arts Lecture Series, in a presentation on working with erotic images in the arts.   It was quite a night for me.  As I prepared for this night and looked back at my history in this medium over the past nine years, I followed my evolution from the explicit to the erotic to the artistic, and in the process, came to the realization that what is erotic has nothing to do with what part or how much of the body is being revealed, but rather with the mood engendered by a work of art.  Making this presentation felt like a coming out for me, as I was willing to take an honest look at the history of my work and where it has come, and to be willing to share that publicly.

5)  New Nude Photoshoot with Melanie – This is a 23 image photoset that represents the most diversity in my figure photography and editing to date.  The learning curve of my eye for compostion and lighting, and my Lightroom and Photoshop editing skills are on the ascent, and together with my realization that my images don’t ALWAYS have to portray “realism,”  I am beginning to create images that are more “out of the box” for me.  I really stretched myself with this photoset and I truly hope you enjoy the results!

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6) May 10th, 2013 – Guest Artist: Dan Tracy (bottom of page) – Second Friday at Santa Cruz County Art Gallery – My good friend and photographer Dan Tracy is the guest artist on this night.  He specializes in wildlife and landscape photograpy.  This is going to be another “Great Way to Spend a Friday Night,” complete with Dan’s photography, Salvador Magallon’s classical guitar music, fun conversation, wine, and snacks!  Hope to see you here!

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Well, that’s it for this month, good folks!  I am hoping to see you on April 12th and/or May 10th!  Let’s have some fun!

Love, Frank.

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