Summer Solstice Newsletter from Frank

Summer Solstice, 2018
Hello dear friends, family, and supporters!
There is so much to share with you as this summer officially begins:
1)  For the months of July and August, my Africa photography will be featured at the White Raven Coffee House in Felton.  Be sure to drop in, enjoy a beverage and a snack, and check out my photography.  Dorothy at White Raven is an amazing person who truly supports the arts.  She has certainly supported me over the years.  Thank you for supporting her and me at the same time.

2)  This year is my 10th Anniversary of making it into Open Studios.  For several years I have developed a body of work I call “The Nude As Nature.”  This year I have changed that title to reflect what I believe to be an even deeper truth, “The Nude Is Nature.”  In my next mid-summer newsletter I will give you all the details for Open Studios.
3)  I am thoroughly enjoying the learning and use of the new equipment in my observatory.  Here is a photo of M51, The Whirlpool Galaxy:
4)  I am now the proud owner of a 1983 Westfalia Vanagon Camping Van.  I dream already of my next adventure into the Eastern Sierras with camera and telescope.

5)  And finally, here is a music video I just put together of my son Josh and I on Fathers Day, flying our drones near Lake Chabot.  I am really coming to love making videos, because it gives me a chance to pull together, on one platform, several of the passions in my life, including landscape and nude figure photography, astrophotography, drone photography, music, and writing.  I plan to utilize this medium much more in the future.
Well, once again, Happy Summer Solstice, everyone!
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