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Frank Leonard Photography Once-A-Month Newsletter – January 2013

Hi everyone!

The several weeks preceding and following my birthday in early December are always a very introspective and creative time for me. What eventuated out of this hibernation time for me a year ago was a new website platform and a new gallery, Santa Cruz County Art Gallery.

This year it brought the culmination of a project I have dreamed of doing for years. I went through tens of thousands of digital images I have taken in my last eight years of nude figure, landscape, and contemplative photography.

I was looking for images that I may have passed over in earlier times, before I had developed my present photographic eye and skills. That search ended with the identification of 135 new images that I have added to my body of work. I also spent time culling down the images that had previously been on my website to 150 that also represent the very best of my work. Combining these two groups of images, I have now ended up with a body of work that totals 285 images.

Next, I set about rebuilding my website around this 285 image body of work. New galleries were created, musical slideshows were put together, and a new banner logo for Frank Leonard Photography was created. Nearly every page on the site has been reworked and improved.

I now proudly announce  this Newly Refurbished Website to you. Here are some of the highlights I hope you will especially check out:

A New Logo – Viewable at the top of every page on the site

New Galleries – Nudes, Land-Sea-Cityscapes, Contemplative, and People

New Musical Slideshows – Nudes – Frank’s Favorites, The Landscapes and People of Peru, Contemplative

A new Frank Page – On this page you will find my newly edited bio, the books I have published, and my interview with KUSP radio. I am very proud of this page, both in content and in style, and hope you will take time to read it.

Upcoming Events – Please visit this page to learn more about:

My silk Buddha image currently at the Santa Cruz Art League
A Wine Barrel Tasting, Chocolate, and Frank Leonard Photography Event at Hallcrest Vineyards on Sunday, February 10th
A Show at my Santa Cruz County Art Gallery on Friday, March 15th, featuring the art of figure painter Bill Flynn

* Photographic Services Offered – Art Reproduction, Boudoir Photography, Event Photography, Portraits

* New Canvas and Silk Prints

In addition, I will be doing a new model photoshoot later this week, which will specifically produce images for an upcoming Cultural Council of Santa Cruz Fundraiser. I will also be getting away for several days in mid-February for a photo trip in my truck, which will include photographing Horsetail Falls in Yosemite.

Well, good folks, that’s it for this month. I would love to have you visit my new gallery (call 831-345-5496 for an appointment), at Hallcrest Vineyards on February 10th, or for my show with Bill Flynn on March 15th, or better yet, at all three! :o)

Until next month,



Frank Leonard Photography
Santa Cruz County Art Gallery

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