My commitment to you.

My life and my photography are nowhere near where they were four years ago, and not even nine months ago.   A lifelong love of photography, retirement from public education and counseling, moving into the Santa Cruz Mountains, meeting a whole host of wonderful friends and artists in this community, attending a four-day workshop with master photographer George DeWolfe in Santa Fe last summer, the addition of incredible tools like Lightroom4 and Photoshop CS5, the learning of new skills in taking and creating images, the addition of a true black and white printer, the graciousness of models who have been willing to collaboratively create boudoir and nude figure images, a “Perfect Storm” of a photoshoot in Bonny Doon, a group of fellow photographers that gives us a chance once a month to share and comment on each others’ work, a Cultural Council of Santa Cruz, which together with the Art League and the Mountain Arts Center, do so much for artists, a construction project which will almost double my gallery display space here on our property, a partner who embraces my work and encourages me, sons who I am so proud of, all of these things and so much more, leave me feeling like I am a very blessed person indeed.

I hope you enjoy my website and that you keep coming back.  I make this commitment.  There will not be a week that goes by (except when I’m on vacation . . :o) that you will not find something new and interesting here for your enjoyment.  Thanks for coming by.  Thanks for visiting my blog.  Please take a moment to follow this page, using RSS or any of the Social Network buttons on this page.  Please leave comments.  I love to know how you see my work and my art.



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