Leaving Yosemite

Saturday evening, February 23rd, 2013

Tonight I have a room here in Modesto, on my way home after four days in Yosemite National Park. A photographer friend of mine, Dan Tracy, who BTW will be having a show at my gallery in May, encouraged me to come to Horsetail Falls in Yosemite National Park, for an event that takes place each year during a two week window. The last rays of the setting sun shooting up through the valley straight at Horsetail Falls, if unobstructed by clouds, majestically light up the falling water as if it were lava. I have seen photos that make my jaw drop. It is a magnificent event, for those who are lucky enough to be here on a night that it “pops.”

This has all become popular enough that one needs to park early in the day, for the parking spots fill up quickly. My friends and I arrived about noon each day, ate lunch, and hung out for the entire afternoon, taking some pictures, but mostly chatting and talking and laughing our stories of photography. My friends were there five nights. I joined them for the last three. The first night the mountain was socked in. The second night much more sunlight got through thinner clouds and lit them up in moment by moment changes. It was a great photography night!

The third and last night we were blessed with the actual “lava” effect. There is very little water in the Falls this year, so the results weren’t as dramatic as can happen on a lucky night in a lucky year, but enough to be more subtle and beautiful in their own right.

Here is a link to the twenty-nine images I chose as my finalists from the three days of shooting:


In addition to the color images, you will also find a whole series of images from my newly bought used infared camera. I think you will agree. Especially in Yosemite, the results are downright striking and nostalgic and for me at least, look like they came from an earlier era of photography. I hope you enjoy them! Let me know what you think by clicking on “Leave a Comment” above. I always love feedback. It let’s me know what is resonating with folks and helps me get better at what I do.

I’ll write again soon,


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