Images and a few words from the Mohave, the Eastern Sierras, Kit Carson Pass, and tomorrow, Yosemite!!!

Hi everyone,

It has seemed like a conspiracy the last couple of days to keep me from sending you at least a few images of my six day pickup truck trip to the Mojave Desert for a photoshoot with Jody, the model from one of my most popular images, “Jody in the Desert,”  then driving up the Eastern side of the Sierras, finding a way to finally cross over the mountains via the Kit Carson Pass, and now, on the threshold of moving into Yosemite early tomorrow morning.  My most vivid impression so far has to do with the dramatic contrasts between the Eastern and Western sides of the Sierras, at exactly the same time in the calendar year.  The Eastern side is dry and the colors are very muted, to the point that when you see even a little color, you are snapped into awareness.  On the Western side, it is so different.  Green is abundant, and everything seems so lush.

But there is no greater beauty in either.  Here are about 10-12 images, with just a little commentary, to share with you my adventure so far.  They will receive more fine tune editing later, but for now I wanted to share with you the flavor of this trip.  Love, Frank.


First Day – “On the way to Bakersfield, via the James Dean Highway

The Photoshoot with Jody, in the Mohave Desert

Morning light on a Joshua tree, headed North on 395 up the Eastern side of the Sierras.

Mt. Whitney, on the left side of the image.

A nap in my truck in the midst of paradise.

The Mono Lake area

The muted and delicately beautiful colors of the Eastern Sierras.

Finally, a way over the Sierras via the Kit Carson Pass

A time out from driving, relaxing along a river now flowing West.

And tomorrow, Yosemite!!!

More to follow,



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