“Half A Second in Time: A 75 Image Body of Work”

I am pleased to announce that I have been accepted into the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County’s Open Studios 2012. This is the fourth time I will have the privilege of participating in Open Studios.

And this year is a very special year. By the time Open Studios happens in October, the expansion of my gallery space, to double its current size, will have been completed.

And, I feel like I have a body of work to present to the world. Photographer William Klein spoke about bodies of work in the following way. If a body of work contains 125 photographs, and the average exposure for a photograph is 1/125th of a second, then that body of work would represent a mere one second in time.

I’m not ready for that large a body of work. But I believe I am ready for half that number of images. So I am calling my Open Studios show this year, “Half a Second in Time: A 75 Image Body of Work.”

Here is a link to the seven images I submitted to Open Studios for consideration. They are all fine art images of the nude female figure in nature, images meant to convey the wonder and the beauty of the natural world.  The 75 image body of work that I will hang for this show includes fine art nude figures, fine art landscapes, and fine art contemplative images.

Here is the image that I will be using for my postcard, the Cultural Council Open Studios’ Calendar, and other publicity. It’s title: “Gratitude.”

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