Frank Leonard Photography August 2017

Hello dear friends and supporters of Frank Leonard Photography.   It has been a while since I have written.  Much has taken place, including rehabilitation from my double knee surgery of four months ago.  I have taken up flying a camera drone and am also enjoying creating musical videos of my photography.  I have been privileged to photograph Flora, who is in her eighth month of pregnancy, and I have two more amazing models to work with in just the next few weeks.  Life is good.  Here are some of the highlights:
1)  I will have the privilege of experiencing and photographing the upcoming total solar eclipse.  
We will be visiting family in Idaho and Montana, and then experiencing the eclipse near Idaho Falls.  My equipment has been set up and tested and packed for the trip.  I have tried to build in as much automation to the picture taking as I can.  I really want to experience this event, not just fiddle with equipment.  I was 15 years old and an avid astronomy buff and remember seeing in a book that there would be a total solar eclipse in 2017.  At the time I could not fathom that far away, and here it is, and here I am, a man of 70.  I look forward to sharing with you the best of my efforts.
2.)  Videos – I have discovered that I LOVE creating musical videos of my pictures and clips.  In just the past several weeks I have created five.  You will find them listed below.  I hope you enjoy them!
a)  2 Videos so far from my new drone:
        – First Flight
        – Building my skills
b)  3 Fine Art Nude Videos
        – “Flora With Child”
        – “Blinds and Shadows”
        – “In Memory of Adrienne”

3)  Open Studios!  My Open Studio this year will be rich with many different genres of my photography, from our trip to Africa during the month of January to my Celestial Bodies body of work, to Flora with child, to aerial drone photography, as well as to two more fine art nude shoots that I have between now and Open Studios.

​ Be sure to check out my promotional postcard, which you will find below.  Thanks!  We would Love  to see you here for Open Studios!!!​
To get an idea of my many different genres of photography, please take just a moment to visit the updated landing page of my Frank Leonard Photography website –
4)  Once again this year I am the co-chair for the photography department at the County Fair.  I enjoy this work each year.  The people I work with are really wonderful people and it’s fun for me especially to see the children and adolescents who bring their photography.
5)  I am having a lot of fun!  Wishing you well!  I’ll see you on the other side of the total eclipse!
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