Encouragements from Frank in these times

Hello dear friends,
We are all going through very strange and difficult times, on personal levels and on a planetary level.  I just wanted to check in with each of you and wish you safety and health.  I have found myself thinking about what I can contribute with my expressions of writing and photography that will be uplifting and encouraging for people in these times.  I have created one image which I have already shared on social media.  I hope to create more.
Something else to share with you are the photographs I took of the planet Venus moving in front of the star factory we call the Pleiades or Seven Sisters.  Here are three photos taken during the past three nights:
Wednesday evening – April 1, 2020
Thursday evening – April 2, 2020
Friday evening – April 3, 2020
I hope these photographs bring some encouragement to you.  As troubling as these times are, I find find myself learning even more to function at a new and slower and more calm pace in my life.  I am engaged, but there is no hurry to move anything along with any sense of rush or leaning forward.  I am still working on the restoration of my Dad’s rocking chair, but it is unimportant to me when it gets “completed.”
And, Joyce and I are raising three new baby chicks.  They are adorable.
Finally, just a word about my two websites.
www.frankleonard.com – This is my site that includes the broad range of my interests: Astrophotography, Fine Art Nude Figures, Songwriting and Ukulele, Portraits, People, Travel, Land-Sea-Cityscapes, and Writing.
www.leavingshame.com – This is my new website.  It addresses an issue in myself, and I believe in all of us, that is refreshing to bring out into the light of day.  It too is meant to encourage myself and others to not be afraid of bringing out into the open that which every instinct tells us to hide.  No more hiding.  We are human and we truly can change and grow and become more and more the burden free people that we long to be, and can be.
Until next time, dear friends.  Again, take great care of yourselves and be well.