A Free Bookmark, a Calendar, Mousepads, & Coffee Mugs – Frank Leonard Photography Newsletter – December 2013

Happy holidays everyone!
There is much to share with you this month, so I will keep it trim and to the point:
1)  My 2014 Calendar, “Finding Our True Home,” has arrived from the printer!  They are gorgeous and meaningful.  This calendar represents the very best of my art.  The subtitle of the calendar is “Cultivating Mindful Awareness Through the Integration of the Feminine and Landscapes.”  John Muir, Khalil Gibran, and Eckhart Tolle are just a few of those whose quotes grace each page.  I honor the human figure in this calendar in respect for its beauty and power.  I encourage you to consider whether there might be a special place for you to hang this calendar, as a reminder all year of the beauty of all creation and the gifts of mindfulness.  You can purchase your copy now for immediate mailing or pickup.  Here is the link to purchase and view every page of this remarkable calendar: http://www.frankleonardphotography.com/finding-our-true-home/   This calendar can also be purchased at White Raven Coffee House in Felton, as well as Hallcrest Vineyards in Felton.
2)  I have just completed work on several smaller items, for sale on my website, or by giving me a call at 831-345-5496.  These include:
a)  A beautiful, FREE photo bookmark for you, which is printed on both sides with two different images and laminated.  If you order it on my website, I am asking for a PayPal payment of 46 cents to cover the postage.  Or you can get one from me the next time you see me.  Here is the link to view and order this bookmark:  http://www.frankleonardphotography.com/bookmarks-mousepads-and-coffee-mugs/
b)  Two Photo Mousepads:
“That’s How The Light Gets In”
“Follow Your Breath”
The link for the mousepads is the same as for the bookmark.  You will need to scroll further down the page:  http://www.frankleonardphotography.com/bookmarks-mousepads-and-coffee-mugs/
c)  Two Photo Coffee Mugs:
“Touch the Earth”
The link for the coffee mugs is the same as above.  You will need to scroll even further down the page:  http://www.frankleonardphotography.com/bookmarks-mousepads-and-coffee-mugs/
3)  I have a show coming up in February at Pure Pleasure in Santa Cruz, which will feature much of the art I displayed in Open Studios this year, as well as large framed images from my 2014 Calendar.  I will have more details in my January newsletter.
Well, good people, again my best wishes to you for happy holidays and a blessed New Year.   I hope you enjoy visiting the pages of my website:  http:www.frankleonardphotography.com
Until 2014!
Frank Leonard
Frank Leonard Photography
Ben Lomond, California
“Mindfulness does not take the shape of that which it is watching.”
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