A Letter From Frank – November, 2019

Good morning friends,

Life continues to change for me, as I more and more embrace the shift from doing and making to being and enjoying.  Joyce and I, quite uncharacteristically for me, hired out the construction of our new front door deck, something I would have always insisted upon doing myself.  While it was being constructed I got the chance to enjoy a breakfast with my son Josh in San Francisco, attend a Warriors basketball game, fine tune my telescope, meditate, and enjoy more free time with Joyce.  At 72 I think I am finally learning to enjoy the leisure time that retirement can bring, when I don’t always have to be single mindedly absorbed in a project.  Here is our beautiful new deck.


On Monday, November 11th I woke up early to photograph the transit of Mercury across the Sun, something that will not happen for another thirteen years.  I had prepared my astrophotography camera and telescope well.  After the transit ended at 10:04am I traveled to Berkeley, where I played with my granddaughter and got to visit with my son Seth and his wife, Ilana.  Seth and I went out for dinner together and even got to watch some of the 49ers/Seahawks football game.  I came home tired, but so grateful for another awesome day of being retired.  Here is a time lapse video of Mercury crossing in front of the Sun.

Video link: https://frankleonard.com/astrophotography/ – (This video is the top one on the page)

Still photo of Mercury’s transit across the face of the Sun (with trees in foreground)

As I have shared with you previously, I have now retired from the business of photography and working so hard to become ”recognized” and ”successful.”  Photography, for me, truly is again the beloved hobby that it started out being sixty years ago at the age of 12.  In that spirit I offer up to you the first figure photoshoot that I have published in over a year of reevaluating who I am, as a person and as a creator of art.  This photoshoot comes in the form of a musical video.  My intent is to share with you the beauty of the human figure and nature, as I come to see and appreciate their intimate connection.  It is no longer about creating a prize winner or generating a sale off my gallery wall.  I hope you enjoy “Moonrocks Dance.”Video link: https://frankleonard.com/fine-art-nudes-musical-videos/ – (This video is the top one on the page)

Title Page for the Fine Art Nude Musical Video “Moonrocks Dance”
Well, dear friends, it has been fun to check in with you!  When there is more to share I will be back again.

Until next time,