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Hello good people, and welcome to my March newsletter!

You know, each Winter there is a period of several months where I don’t produce a lot of visible output.  It begins with the exhale after Open Studios in October, peaks at my birthday in early December, and then ends as the Spring comes.  And I find myself wondering during those times whether the energy and the output will return.  Thankfully, each Spring they do.   I am happy to say that this period of hibernation has once again been a wonderful one for me.  Each year, things come out of this hibernation that feel new and creative.  A year ago it was the dream of an expanded gallery, and that gallery is now here.  This year it led me into a process that culminated in a body of work that numbers two hundred and eighty-five.  That body of work will continue to be narrowed down, and select images will be added to it, so that it ends up representing only the very, very best of my work.

And on top of that, emerging from the quiet plans of the past few months, I’ve got three shows coming up, one each in March, April, and May.

The first two are nude figure shows, with guest artists Bill Flynn on March 15th, and Sarah Jane on April 12th.  The third show will be a Wildlife and Landscape show, on May 10th, with fellow photographer and friend, Dan Tracy.  More to follow on that show next month.

So, please come out for the first of our three shows, on Friday night, March 15th, 2013, from 6-9pm.  This show features Guest Artist and friend, Bill Flynn.  Bill paints female figures in high contrast black and white.  His work is striking and beautiful.  Our guest musician that evening will be Salvador Magallon, an incredible classical guitar player.  Wine and snacks will also be available.  Please come and join us for an evening of art, conversation, live music, wine, and snacks!  Pretty good way to spend a Friday night!

Following is a link to the promotional card for the shows in March and April:
This postcard has nude figures on the front, so this link should not be accessed at work.
This link includes sample art, map, and directions.

I think that’s it for this month.  I’ll come back next month and give you some more particulars on the April show with Sarah Jane and the May show with Dan Tracy.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!




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