The Nude as Nature Workshop, Infrared, Photosets, and Much More!

Greetings everyone!   As usual, the fact that you’ve not heard from me yet this month doesn’t mean that Frank is bereft of projects and passions.  Much has been brewing, as you shall see from the items below.  I truly hope you enjoy and find beauty in the photography I have to share this month.

In This Issue:

1) “Nude as Nature” Workshop with Margaretta Mitchell
2) My first Infrared Nude Figure Photoshoot – “Classical Beauty”
3)  Heatherlee in Infrared
4)  Christelle
5)  “Seacave” Photoset
6)  Open Studios 2014 Acceptance
7)  Frameshop to Frameshop/Gallery Conversion
8)  New Gallery Shelving
9)  Totally Revamped Home Page
10) Alaska!

1) “Nude as Nature” Workshop with Margaretta Mitchell


I was privileged to be able to take a workshop with Margaretta Mitchell early this month.  Margaretta is a nationally-known artist and professional photographer, author, and educator based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Her workshop, in addition to offering us critiques of photographs we brought, and historical perspectives on the nude in art, also gave us the opportunity to work with two models,. using natural light to express the connection between the human form and nature.  I learned so much from this talented and gifted person and photographer.  Click Here,  or on the image above, to view a few of the photographs I took during this workshop.

2)  My first Infrared Nude Figure Photoshoot – “Classical Beauty”


A little over a month ago, I had a show here at my gallery.  One of the guest artists for that show, my friend Kevin Osborn, loaned me his infrared camera to use on a photoshoot I had the next day. When I got home and began to process the images from that shoot, I knew immediately that this was a medium that was a dramatic and unique and natural fit for my outdoor nude figure photography.  Click Here,  or on the image above, to view my first figure photoshoot that includes infrared images.

3) Heatherlee in Infrared


The morning after that first shoot, I sent one of my cameras off to be converted to infrared.  While waiting for it to come back, I borrowed Kevin’s camera one last time to use for a second infrared shoot.  Click Here,  or on the image above, to view my second infrared shoot.

4) Christelle


Two days ago, my converted infrared camera arrived.  And yesterday I had the privilege of using it to photograph Christelle, a French model from Montreal, who I have wanted to work with for the past three years.  Her previous two trips ended up having to be canceled, but this year my chance to photograph her finally happened.   Christelle is a talented and fabulous model and person, who travels the world doing photoshoots.  I am happy that it didn’t work out the past two years, because my skills have improved greatly in the past two years, and the addition of infrared to my toolset have helped to create an extraordinary photoset.  I think you will agree.  Click Here, or on the image above, to view this fabulous shoot.

5) Seacave Shoot


Another recent photoshoot is one I call “Seacave.”  Magical place.  Magical images.  Click Here,  or on the image above, to view this short but sweet photoset.

6) Open Studios 2014 Acceptance


I am pleased to announce that my photography has been accepted into Open Studios 2014, which takes place the first three weekends of October.  This is the sixth time I have had the privilege of being in Open Studios in the six years that Joyce and I have been here in Ben Lomond.  Click Here,  or on the image above, to view the images I submitted.  More details to follow in the coming months.

7)  Frameshop to Frameshop/Gallery Conversion


As part of readying my studio for Open Studios, I am converting my frameshop into an additional viewing room for my photography.  The space will remain my working space and frameshop as well, but the walls are being covered in natural wood and the florescent lights will be replaced by track lighting.  I look forward to sharing this new space with you in October!

8)  New Gallery Shelving


In all three rooms of my gallery I am installing shelving wood below the larger framed pictures. This shelving will hold smaller prints, greeting cards, coffee mugs, and mousepads that correlate to the framed photos above. Now no one will have to find a smaller version of something they like in some other bin or place!

9)  Totally Revamped Home Page

I invite you to visit the home landing page of my photography website.  It has been completely revamped and streamlined to provide you easy navigation throughout the site.  Drop down menus have also been consolidated and made much more clean and simple.  Visit

10)  Alaska!

And finally, by the next time you hear from me, Joyce and I will have returned from our upcoming trip to Alaska.  My father, who would have been 100 years old this August, always dreamed of going to Alaska.  He read every Jack London book he could get his hands on.  So, this year, in his honor, Joyce and I are going to make the trip for him and with him in spirit.  I will have much to share with you on the other side.

Well, thank you good people,  for following along on my adventures this far.  It’s been a long newsletter, but I hope you will agree with me that it is a sign of life being lived to its fullest.

Until next month,


Frank Leonard Photography
Ben Lomond, California
Cell/Text: 831-345-5496

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