Music, the foundation of life . . .

Hi everyone,

Right now, I don’t know how many “everyone” encompasses, especially since I have just reconstructed my entire website.  And I am learning things, like music makes a page a long time in loading.  So I have dropped the music from the home landing page, hard as that was to do.  I want people to see on my home page the best of my work, without having to hope that they click once or twice more to see my “good stuff,” but the music was making it difficult, if not impossible, for even good friends to load up the landing page for my new website in a “proper” amount of time.  So home page, no music.  Sorry.  I loved it too.   I plan to bring the music back, in a smaller package, which will not slow down people being able to access my site.

But I have a reward for those who expressed so much love for the opening page and music.  Check out this link.

It may take a fair amount of time to upload the first time, but if you’ve got a few minutes to sit back, get in touch with your breath, and enjoy the music and images, then I think you will enjoy this immensely.



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